Our Punkt. Returns Policy.

Here’s how to get support for your Punkt. MP02 phone

The MP02 phone is well built and is generally a robust maintenance free device. Should you need support, this page describes our policies and your options.

RETURNS POLICY: Returns for defective products are handled by the manufacturer, Punkt. If you need customer support or to return a defective phone, you can do so directly with the manufacturer. Punkt. has excellent support.

GUARANTEE: Punkt. guarantees all its products for a period of two years from the date of purchase. They exchange or refund product with proof of purchase (a valid receipt), and if an item is returned, it must be in its original packaging. Please read their Terms and conditions here.



To report a tech issue on a products and/or if you want to return a product, please open a ticket on the Punkt. website, following the instructions hereafter.

Click on “Customer Care” in the footer of the Punkt. website (Support). Fill in all requested fields. You first need to log into your Punkt. account. If you do not have a Punkt. account, register one.  You will be sent a feedback from Customer Care.


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