Why a privacy phone?

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The following article explains the benefits of having a phone with privacy features. Due to b*g t*ch algorithms, the first part of this article is a series of images.

Why have a smartphone with privacy features
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Our goal: to provide cell phones that respect user privacy to the fullest degree possible.

There was never a better time to take back control over personal data.

For a privacy hardened smartphone, check out our Pixel 7 with GrapheneOS privacy phone HERE

For privacy minimalist phone, check out the Punkt. MP02 HERE

If you go with the Pixel 7 Privacy Phone, we encourage the use of a truly private messaging app and encrypted email. Private phone. Private messaging*. Private email*. These three are the cornerstones of smartphone security. We’ll go into detail on each of these points in an upcoming post, but here are the main recommendations:

Private messengers and encrypted email services

If you opt for the Punkt. minimalist phone, then your choices are already there (voice calling, texting, and the ability to install the Signal secure messaging protocol).

To Store

Buy privacy cell phones here. Based in Canada. Shipped from Canada. Punkt. MP02 and Pixel 7 with GrapheneOS. We welcome U.S. customers as well.