Switching to a basic phone.

The benefits of switching to a more basic phone

Switching to balance in your tech life

This brief post explains why you might want to switch to what some people call a “dumb phone.” What are the benefits to your quality of life if you switch to such a basic non-smart phone? The Punkt. MP02 phone can be your way to more balance. Read on …

The convenience of today’s technology can lead to downsides. You’re always connected. But this can actually leave you literally disconnected.

MP02 is a beautifully designed and minimalistic voicephone. It’s a non-smart phone, yet it has a Wi-Fi hotspot and the ability to activate a secure messaging app. The video helps us visualize why this phone makes so much sense.

Achieving balance with simplicity

Basic simplicity

Punkt. is ahead of its time. People thought the Swiss startup company was crazy when they started launching simpler, more basic phones over 12 years ago. But what’s going on today? 10% of the population are stressed out or on antidepressants.

So how do you get back to “simple?” People are starting to look carefully at how they live and they’re prepared to drastically change their “always on” lifestyle. And they want out of the myriads of apps.

Perhaps you are one of these thoughtful people. You want more “basic” in your life. You want to re-engage with real people normally. The analog way, if you will. Well, it is still possible to function in modern society without a smart phone. But it does require a bit of planning in order to get off the merry-go-round. We’re here to help you do that. It’s called Punkt. Start with the phone. Then treat yourself to a stylish analog alarm clock at some point. These devices are a great start. We’ll walk the journey to simplicity (and privacy) with you. We’re by your side.

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