DailyView is Here!

Just launched for the Punkt. MP02. Secure sync for calendar, contacts, to-do, and notes.

End of April, 2023

Dear Privacy Cell Phone customer,

This month we’re delighted to announce the launch of a secure calendar sync feature for the MP02, DailyView and Apostrophe Services. DailyView is an optional feature for the MP02 that syncs with an ultra-private Apostrophy Services Account to display 4 days of calendar entries (current day and 3 ahead). 

In addition to viewing your calendar, the subscription service also includes secure email, address book, notes and tasks (to-do’s).

Designed exclusively for the MP02, DailyView is intentionally simple: log in, sync, read, and log out without being drawn into a distraction episode.

Apostrophy Services is a web-based safe ecosystem of secure communication services accessible on the MP02. The service puts data sovereignty at its core as an alternative to advertising-based models that monetize people’s personal information.

The Apostrophy Services plan is fee-based because, as the saying goes, “If you are using a tech company’s services without paying them a fee, you are not the customer.

With Apostrophy no user data is sold.

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